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Caution when using kitchen equipment & candles

Valentine’s Day supper is conducive to the use of fondue sets heated with a fuel burner. If the burner goes out before the end of your meal, it is recommended that you use a second burner and not fill the first burner that is off. Indeed, each year, several burns occur when filling a burner that is still too hot.

In addition, it is important to place the fondue set on a non-combustible and stable surface when using it.

Furthermore, as the tables are often decorated with candles, citizens are invited to use caution when using them and never leave them unattended.

Particular attention must be paid to combustible materials placed near candles, tablecloths or curtains.

Pets should also be supervised to prevent them from getting too close to a candle and knocking it over.

Reminder of some good prevention practices

We recommend that you check smoke alarms for proper operation, making sure they are less than 10 years old and that the batteries are functional. This small gesture could save lives.

Also, in the presence of heavy snowfall, it is essential to clear the doors and windows of the residences, in particular the windows of the bedrooms located in the basement. These must be cleared at all times.

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