Regional Art Collection

About the Collection

The Regional Art Collection is a public collection created in 2008 on the initiative of Rémi Bertrand, former Director General of the MRC Pontiac. The objective is to build a collection of works by artists who have marked Pontiac artistic creation over time. The collection showcases the talent and artistic diversity of the region, and its works are made easily accessible to the public by being on permanent display at the MRC building.

In 2009, in order to ensure the sustainability of this collection, the MRC Council of Elected Officials adopted an Artwork Acquisition Policy, which continues its 2004 commitment to the Cultural Policy. Thus, the MRC Pontiac recognizes the role of the arts and crafts in the development of its territory.

This Exhibition Catalog presents the artists and artworks in the MRC Pontiac collection. It contains paintings, sculptures, fine furniture, and much more. Each work is a unique and original piece, made by artists who live or have lived in the Pontiac. This Exhibition Catalog is of the largest public collection of the region. It is updated annually as new works are acquired.

You can check out the Art Collection at the MRC Pontiac offices in Campbell’s Bay, or you can browse them virtually below!


They danced the spiral dance around a fairy tree that grew within the Garden, by Carol Bretzloff

Art Pontiac

Find out more about these works and many others though Art Pontiac and the Stone School Gallery in Portage-du-Fort.

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