We’re Quebec’s Far West, and we’re proud of it! Beautifully nestled in the Outaouais region, our little slice of paradise is still somewhat unknown. It’s one of the rare regions that tourists have not yet taken by storm. So come enjoy the tranquil beauty of our vast territory before they do! is a collaboration with Visages Régionaux, a Quebec based communication agency that specializes in promoting the regions of our province.

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Resources & Organizations

Events big and small are happening in our community every day. See a list of events from the MRC Pontiac and its individual municipalities across the region.

Head north and camp in the untouched natural beauty of the lakes and forests of TNO Lac Nilgaut. Learn how to obtain your camping permit and have a safe experience in the wilderness.

Residents and members of the public can lease a portion of the TNO Lac Nilgaut to build a cottage or other vacation property to help get away from urban life.

Between the Ottawa River and the hills of the Laurentian Shield, the Cycloparc PPJ offers a unique concept combining bike path and park on more than 90 kms in the Pontiac.

The Pontiac Artists’ Association  is a registered not-for-profit association to promote the arts and culture and to contribute to the cultural life through direct action.

The Pontiac Archives preserves our local heritage through dedicated volunteers who oversee the continued growth of an extensive collection of material.  – Where every Route is the Scenic Route
Pontiac is home to spirited small towns, undiscovered hidden gems and world-class outdoor adventures. In our own little valley in Western Quebec, let our rural road trips lead you on a well-deserved escape to reconnect, stretch out and breathe in the fresh air. is operated by the Association Pontiac Tourism, the leading organization of business owners in the tourism and hospitality industry for the region.

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