Council Meeting Minutes

Your Local Government at Work

Here, you will find a comprehensive record of the discussions, decisions, and resolutions made by the esteemed council members during their regular meetings. 

As a repository of transparency and accountability, these minutes provide valuable insights into the governance and policy-making processes that shape our communities, offering a glimpse into the collective efforts of our local leaders to address the needs and aspirations of our citizens.

To foster transparency for residents, Council meetings are streamed live on Facebook and recorded for later viewing.  You will find both audio and videos of all council meetings below.


Upcoming Meetings

Here is a list of upcoming meetings of the Council of Mayors of the Pontiac. These meetings are on the third Wednesday of the months (except in July) and are held in the Elsie Gibbons Room at the MRC Pontiac offices in Campbell’s Bay.  These meetings are open to the public and will be streamed live on Facebook.

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