Recreational Camping on Crown Land

Camping regulations for Crown Land in Québec were established through the government’s approval of Decree No. 858-2009 on June 23rd, 2009.

The MRC is responsible for managing camping on its territory as per the Department of Natural Resources and Wildlife Act (chapter M-25.2), under the agreement signed in 2014 with the Department of Natural Resources.

Regulations governing camping derive from the Crown Lands Act (Chapter T-8.1) and the Regulations on the Sale, Lease and Grant of Real Rights on Crown Lands (Co T-8.1, R. 7). In 2019, the RCM adopted its own camping by-law (by-law 253-2019) establishing the conditions applicable to camping on Crown land.

Prospective campers must be aware of these regulations and comply with them to ensure a safe and environmentally responsible camping experience on Crown Land within the MRC Pontiac’s management jurisdiction.


Anyone wishing to install motorized camping equipment on the territory of application must first obtain a camping permit from the MRC and pay the camping fees.

The period during which camping is authorised shall run from May 1st to November 30th each year and shall not exceed 214 days.

Notwithstanding the above, camping in a short- stay tent (30-days or less) is also permitted from December 1st to the 30th of April each year.

  1. The completed application form;
  2. The location of the site, meaning the geographical coordinates;
  3. Recent photos of the camping equipment to be used, one of which must show the licence plate affixed, if applicable;
  4. Length of stay;
  5. Camping equipment registration certificate (valid), if applicable;
  6. Any other relevant information.

The application for a camping permit is approved and issued only if;

  1. The application complies with the provisions of the Regulation and any other applicable regulation;
  2. The application shall be accompanied by all the information and documents required;
  3. The fees and charges for camping have been.

The practice of camping is subject to the following fees and according to the length of stay;

  1. 0-30 days: 50$ plus GST et QST
  2. 31-89 days: 150$ plus GST et QST
  3. 90-214 days:300$ plus GST et QST

In the event that the length of stay is extended, the MRC must be advised and the fees need to be paid.

Recreational camping with motorized camping equipment is prohibited:

  1. Less than 25.0 meters from the natural high-water mark of any lake or stream;
  2. Within 60 meters of the natural high-water mark of a permanent water body or watercourse or within 15 meters of intermittent watercourses within the territory of application of the following sites of wildlife interest: Lac Dumont, Lac Duval, Lac Bruce and Lac Galarneau.; These sites are annexed to the present regulation.
  3. On any island, unless a tent is used and for a period of less than 30 days;
  4. Less than 100.0 meters from any body of water having a problem with cyanobacteria (blue algae);
  5. Less than 100.0 meters from all public accesses to a lake or stream;
  6. Less than 500.0 meters from any cottage/camp lease location;
  7. Within 30.0 meters of any Class 1 or II multi use forestry road. Despite the preceding, camping with light camping equipment is also prohibited within 100,0 meters of any camp or cottage lease or private property, or any waterbody having a problem with cyanobacteria (blue algae).

All persons camping on public land must comply with the following conditions of practice;

  1. Dispose of its wastewater in accordance with the Regulation respecting wastewater disposal and treatment for isolated dwellings (c. Q-2, R.22);
  2. It is forbidden to set up a dry pit toilet (outhouse) by one’s own means;
  3. No Clearing, landscaping, excavation or backfilling can be done;
  4. Camping equipment must never be installed in the right-of-way of a multi-use forest road, trail or any landing area or have the effect of restricting the movement of other forest users;
  5. The MRC camping permit must be posted and visible on the premises, if
  6. Know the rules and plan your camping trip responsibly;
  7. Minimize the impact of your activity on the environment and respect the capacity of a site by limiting the number of campers on a
  8. Dispose of your garbage at the end of the excursion (see article 4.5);
  9. Be vigilant with campfires and respect the restrictions in place;
  10. Respect the fauna and flora;
  11. Respect other users of the crown

On a camping site, only the following accessory equipment is allowed;

  1. A mobile deck not exceeding 3 square meters;
  2. Sanitary equipment adapted to rustic camping such as a portable toilet, and have the systems drained in the appropriate places forthis purpose.

When the stay is completed according to the chosen duration, the camper must vacate the recreational campsite of any occupation including accessory equipment. The camper must notify the MRC of his or her departure and send the permit issued and a photo of the vacated site. It is forbidden to maintain any camping equipment on crown lands during the winter period, from December 1st to April 30th of the following year. Notwithstanding the above, camping in a short-stay tent (30 days month) is authorized from December 1st to April 30th of each year.

Campers must use septic systems that are appropriate for their RVs and take responsibility for having their systems drained in an appropriate manner. The camper must keep the recreational campsite clean and free of garbage and refuse at all times. At the end of the camping trip, the camper must clean and return the recreational campsite and its surroundings to their original state. Garbage must be picked up and disposed of at the appropriate locations, such as a garbage reception site or door-to-door collection organized by a municipality.

Anyone who contravenes any of the provisions of this by-lay commits an offence and is liable to a fine. If applicable, they may have his or her camping permit revoked following a notice.

For a first offense:

  1. A minimum fine of 300$ if the offender is an individual and 500$ if the offender is a corporation;
  2. The maximum fine that can be impose dis $1.000 if the offender is a physical person and $2.000 if the offender is a corporation.

For a repeat offense:

  • A minimum fin of 500$ if the offender is a physical person and $2.000 if the offender is a corporation;
  • The maximum fine for a repeat offence is $2.000 if the offender is a physical person and $4.000 if the offender is a corporation. In all cases, the costs of the lawsuit are in addition.

The time limit for the payment of fines and cost imposed under this article, and the consequences of failure to pay said fines and costs within the prescribed time limits, are established in accordance with the Code of Penal Procedure of Québec (R.S.Q., c. C-25.1). If an offense lasts more than one day, the offense committed on each day constitutes a separate offense and the penalties imposed for each offense may be imposed for each day that the offense lasts, in accordance with this article.


If you witness illegal camping or even campers committing an infraction, we ask you to report it to us by contacting us at 819-648-5689 extension 233.

To fill out an application, please print this document, scan it and email to j.soucie@mrcpontiac.qc. Or complete the online application below.

Don’t forget to fill out the form sections before and after your camping trip.

Application for Recreational Camping

Anyone wishing to install motorized camping equipment on the territory of application must first obtain a camping permit from the MRC and pay the camping fees.

Application for Recreational Camping on Crown land of the MRC Pontiac

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  • Length of stay

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Upon your return - Recreational camping on Crown land of the MRC Pontiac

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