Sale for Taxes

Annual Sale of Property for Non Payment

Our tax sale program provides a fair and transparent process for interested buyers to participate in acquiring properties that have outstanding tax liabilities. By purchasing these properties, you not only help the Municipality recover the taxes owed but also contribute to the revitalization and growth of our community.

Under the Quebec Municipal Code (Article 1022 and following), at the request of municipalities, the MRC is responsible for the sale at auction of properties identified in advance by the 18 municipalities on its territory as well as the TNO (Non Organised Territory ).

The sale of properties at public auction for non-payment of municipal or school taxes this year will be held on September 14, 2023 at the Campbell’s Bay R.A. located at rue Second, Campbell’s Bay Qc, J0X 1K0. The list of properties for sale for non-payment of taxes is published once during the month of July in local newspapers (Pontiac Journal and The Equity), and on this website.


How it Works

To purchase a property, the highest bidder must immediately pay by bank draft to the order of MRC Pontiac, without which the property is immediately returned to auction. Personal cheques are not accepted. Upon payment of all sums due, the purchaser receives a certificate of adjudication of his property. The certificate of adjudication only entitles to possession of the property, upon which the successful bidder may act only in the manner prescribed by law.

If you can not be present at the public auction, it is possible to authorize another person to bid for you by presenting this proxy form at the auction.

Withdrawal of a Property (before and after the sale)

Before the opening of the public auction, the endebted property owner, or his or her representative, may withdraw the property from the sale by paying all sums due in cash or by bank draft to the order of MRC Pontiac. Every owner of a property sold for taxes has a year to regain possession of his property upon payment of the sum of the auction and inherent costs.

If, on the expiry of one year period, the owner or his representative has not exercised his right of withdrawal, the buyer may then, at his expense, have a notary of his choice draft a final sales contract. The deed transfer gives the buyer all the rights of the original owner, and purges the property of all liens and mortgages.
For more information, contact: Jessica Soucie, Administrative Technician 819-648-5689 ext. 233 
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