Cultural Development

Nurturing Creativity and Heritage

The MRC Pontiac is aware of the contribution of the arts and culture on the region. In 2004, MRC Council adopted a cultural policy which paints a portrait of the region’s needs and defines the region’s development objectives. They are as follows:

  • Promote access to, and increase local participation in activities;
  • Develop an identity, a sense of belonging, social harmony, and pride in the Pontiac;
  • Support the cultural sector in its development initiatives;
  • Develop cultural tourism; and,
  • Ensure the effective implementation of the cultural policy.

The MRC has been implementing and supporting projects to meet the objectives identified in the policy.

For all information please contact:
Sabrina Ayres, Economic Development Commissioner 819-648-5689 ext. 124


Cultural Agreement

Following the adoption of the Cultural Policy, the MRC concluded a Cultural Development Agreement with the Quebec Ministry of Culture and Communication. This agreement ensures annual funding for the development of regional projects related to our local history, heritage, cultural landscapes, and archives.

The Arts

To encourage artistic creation and promote the arts in the region, the MRC Pontiac adopted in 2012 an Art Acquisition Policy for the purchase of one work of art by a local artist every year. This collection is on display in the MRC Pontiac administration offices in Campbell’s Bay.

Local artists may submit their portfolio for consideration.

MRC council also agreed to repurchase the Stone School in Portage-du-Fort to continue to provide a home for the creation and promotion of the arts in the Pontiac. The building is currently used exclusively by the Art Pontiac, which organizes a variety of exhibits and art classes annually. Any artist or group interested in using the Stone School for an artistic activity is invited to contact the MRC.

Tout Culture

Tout culture is a collaborative platform that promotes cultural events in the Outaouais. It offers citizens and tourists the opportunity to be in contact with culture in all disciplines. In the calendar, it is possible for the visitor to search by date, by MRC, by discipline or by public, and to easily find activities on the whole territory

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