Pontiac Vision 2030

Building Our Future Together

In 2020, the Pontiac MRC, in partnership with a territorial marketing and development firm called Visages Régionaux, initiated a strategic planning process to redefine the socioeconomic future of our communities. The process called for a visionary, integrated and participative approach.

A series of public consultations involving interested parties (including citizens) focused on 7 key sectors (tourism, culture & heritage, economic growth, agriculture, socio-community development, environment, and forestry) led to a 10-year strategic direction for the MRC Pontiac with action plans included.

During the June 16th virtual meeting of the MRC Pontiac Regional Council of Mayors, the Pontiac Vision 2030 Strategic Development Plan was both unveiled and adopted. Many people took part in this exercise and we would like to thank them warmly for their contribution and collaboration. 

The strategic plan is available and action plans are available below.


Pontiac Vision 2030
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