Empowering Business Growth our Region

With a wealth of experience and a deep understanding of the local business landscape, our team is committed to providing practical support and guidance to help you achieve your goals. Through strategic partnerships and collaboration with various stakeholders, we strive to create an environment that encourages innovation, promotes job growth, and bolsters the region’s economic prosperity.

The MRC Pontiac offers a comprehensive range of resources tailored to meet the diverse needs of both budding startups and established enterprises. Whether you’re looking for guidance on launching a new venture, seeking funding opportunities, or aiming to expand your market reach, we’ve got you covered.

Most of the tools that the MRC Pontiac provides business owners are divided along they key industries that drive our economy – Tourism, Recreation, Agriculture, and Entrepreneurship.  Below you will find links for details on how the MRC Pontiac can help your business, whether you are within one of these categories or starting something completely new within the Pontiac.

Together, let’s forge a prosperous future for businesses in the Pontiac area and contribute to the economic vitality of our community. 


Business Resources at the MRC Pontiac


We aim to foster growth, innovation, and prosperity in the Pontiac. Explore our initiatives, resources, and opportunities that contribute to the vibrant economic landscape of our community.

With such natural, untouched beauty in our area, the MRC Pontiac supports the development of the tourism industry to increase visitors from neighbouring regions and around the world. 

The MRC Pontiac recognizes that the arts and cultural organizations of our communities contribute to the happiness and well-being of all residents and visitors of our region.  

The agricultural sector is vitally important to our region, fostering rural development, strengthening community ties, and helping preserve the unique cultural heritage of the MRC Pontiac.

By offering resources, mentorship, and financial assistance programs, we empower aspiring entrepreneurs and startups to turn innovative ideas into successful businesses, fostering a vibrant and diverse local economy.

Explore various contract opportunities and tenders at the MRC Pontiac.  Contribute your expertise and solutions to the development and growth of your business as well as our local community.

The MRC Pontiac manages several quarries and sandpits around the region. Learn more about the guidelines and requirements to access these natural resources.

Our Partners

SADC Pontiac

Entrepreneurship is seeing an opportunity and gathering the resources needed to turn a possibility into a reality. This is what your local SADC does best.  Our role is to help your business reach your goals, becoming stronger and more profitable. 

We support small business with a combination of financing and advisory services that help you succeed in your next stage of development.

The Pontiac Chamber of Commerce’s mission is to help foster economic growth in the Pontiac and we believe that a strong and vibrant private sector is the key to a better quality of life for all our citizens.

Their vision is to be known as the Pontiac’s leading business organization and to provide maximum value to its membership through recognition and encouragement to the private sector’s role as the driving force in the economy of the Pontiac.

Shop Le Pontiac is a collaboration between the Pontiac Chamber of Commerce and SADC Pontiac which celebrates our small business owners and invites you to visit and promote your favourite local boutique, café, bakery or store while perhaps also discovering some place new!  Pontiac is filled with great entrepreneurs whose passions are reflected in the businesses they run. These are the people who give life and character to our downtowns, our main streets and our communities. They look forward to serving you – Shop Le Pontiac today !

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