Renovation Programs

Improving the Efficiency and Accessibility of your Home

If your home requires work to correct major defects or adapt it to enable you to continue living there independently, there are home renovation assistance programs to help you finance it. 

Following the signing of a memorandum of understanding with the Société d’Habitation du Québec, the MRC is mandated to run these programs on its territory.

The MRC is currently involved in the following programs: RénoRégion Program and Home Adaptation Program.

For more information please the MRC at 819-648-5689 ext. 210.



The budget allocated for the 2-year period of 2023-2025 has been fully expended due to the substantial number of eligible pending files. Those interested in applying will need to await the program’s reopening in early 2025. Thank you for your understanding.

Financial assistance through the RenoRegion Program is offered by the Société d’habitation du Québec (SHQ) to help low-income homeowners-occupiers, who live in rural areas, carry out work to correct major defects in their homes.

Eligibility Conditions

  1. You must be owner-occupier of a dwelling located on MRC Pontiac territory;
  2. This dwelling must be your primary residence;
  3. The dwelling can be a duplex, as long as you are the owner-occupier of one of the residences;
  4. The residential portion of a mixed-use building, e.g., business on the ground floor and housing on the upper floor, is eligible if you meet the other conditions;
  5. Your residence must have at least one major defect;
  6. Your annual household income must not exceed the maximum allowable income, which varies according to household size and the area where you live;
  7. The value of the residence, excluding the value of the land, should not exceed $ 150,000;
  8. The cost of repairs must be at least $ 3,500;
  9. You are not eligible for the program if you have benefited from the RénoVillage program over the ten years preceding the application, or the Emergency repairs program over the past five years.

Assistance Provided

  • A grant of 20-95% of the known cost for the completion of eligible projects, but not exceeding $20,000 – $25,000; the subsidy is paid only when the work is completed;
  • The cost of eligible work is the lowest cost between that of the lowest bid received, the one that is charged by the contractor and the one calculated from current price list for the program;
  • The grant amount is determined by multiplying the known cost for the execution of eligible projects by the percentage of financial assistance to which you are entitled. This percentage varies depending on the difference between your household income and the eligible income level, which depends on the region where you live and the size of your household.

Eligible Repairs

Structural, plumbing, heating, electricity, exterior walls, roof, and openings repairs are eligible. The work must be performed by a RBQ Licensed Contractor and must begin after obtaining MRC approval, and be completed within six months from the date of MRC authorization.

Program Registration

To apply for the program you must complete the registration form and attach all required documents. Submit your complete application to the MRC by email at, or by mail or in person at the MRC Pontiac, 602 Route 301 in Campbell’s Bay J0X 1K0.

Incomplete applications will be rejected.

For more information please the MRC at 819-648-5689 ext. 210.

Once you submit an application:

  1. The SHQ inspector will visit the building to make a list of eligible repairs to include in a request for a quote.
  2. Based on this request for a quote, you must obtain bids from RBQ licensed contractors and send the MRC the contractor’s job estimate.
  3. The SHQ inspector will complete your file and, if all is in order, will send a certificate of eligibility indicating the amount you will be entitled to upon completion of work, if all program requirements are met. This document will also serve as your authorization to begin work.
  4. Once the work is completed, the SHQ inspector will check whether the work has been completed in accordance with the work estimate specifications and report back to the MRC. Upon the MRC’s approval, the amount to which you are entitled will be paid.


Residential Adaption Assistance Program

The Residential Adaptation Assistance Program ensures that people with a disability are able to enter and exit their home, perform their daily routines, and therefore continue to reside in their own home. The program applies to people with a permanent disability.

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