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Litchfield, February 14, 2023 – Official return of the MRC Pontiac Youth Council for 2023

Last night, the first official sitting and swearing-in ceremony for the newest edition of the MRC Pontiac Youth Council was held at the MRC office. The meeting was held in the presence of several mayors, parents, MRC staff, and members of the local media.

During the meeting, the council outlined their priorities for their upcoming mandate, which are as follows:

  • Expansion of public transportation systems
  • Accessibility to mental health resources
  • Development of facilities for physical activity
  • Availability of employment opportunities for youth
  • Improvement of infrastructure for individuals with disabilities

‘’I am very delighted that the MRC Youth Council is being organized once again. We have 21 enthusiastic students from across the MRC Pontiac. With this council, our local youth will be very well represented which will, in turn, allow the Regional Council of Mayors to better understand their priorities. I look forward to working with the council and to help shape a better future for generations to come’’ expressed Jane Toller, Warden of the MRC Pontiac.

The meetings will be held once a month and will be chaired by the Council President, who was selected by vote during a planning meeting held in January. Warden Jane Toller and Rachel Soar Flandé from Carrefour Jeunesse Emploi du Pontiac will be attending as well to offer guidance.

The members of council include:

  1. Rylee Ballman – President (Municipality of Otter Lake)
  2. Rebecca Flood – Vice President (Municipality of Litchfield)
  3. Starla Decarie – Secretary (Municipality of Shawville)
  4. Cole Weidhaas – Treasurer (Municipality of Bryson)
  5. Cayden Lemay (Municipality of Shawville)
  6. Mo Weatherall (Municipality of Bristol)
  7. Emma Carty Vasiliausikas (Municipality of Shawville)
  8. Ollie Côté (Municipality of Shawville)
  9. C-J Rutledge (Municipality of Clarendon)
  10. Desiree Fleming (Municipality of Mansfield)
  11. Dakota Cameron (Municipality of Bryson)
  12. Aiden St-Aubin (Municipality of L’Île-du-grand-calumet)
  13. Bryce Weidhaas (Municipality of Bryson)
  14. Rowan St-Aubin (Municipality of Shawville)
  15. Oscar Munn-Venn (Municipality of Pontiac – MRC des Collines-de-l’Outaouais)
  16. Sydney Sharpe (Municipality of Clarendon)
  17. Jean-Michel Landry (Municipality of Campbell’s Bay)
  18. Lea Gagnon (Municipality of Shawville)
  19. Megan Lafontaine (Municipality of Otter Lake)
  20. Colton Loback (Municipality of L’Isle-aux-Allumettes)
  21. Gabriel Deschênes (Municipality of Rapides-des-Joachims)

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