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Campbell’s Bay, September 14, 2021 – The MRC Pontiac, in partnership with its municipalities, held an event last night to recognize the commitment of volunteers in their community. This was an opportunity to recognize the work done by volunteers in the municipalities who tirelessly contribute to the well-being of our communities.

The ceremony was held at the Lion’s Hall in Bryson with the Warden and the Mayors presenting a Volunteer Award to the nominees from each municipality. The nominations and selections were made by each municipality. As last year’s event was delayed due to COVID-19 restrictions, this year’s event provided an opportunity to nominate candidates for 2020 and 2021.

The MRC Pontiac Volunteer Awards are a unique and privileged opportunity to thank these exceptional people.

Here is the list of recipients by municipality :

Municipalities Candidates
Alleyn-et-Cawood Candidate for 2020 : Le comité du cénotaphe de Danford Lake

Candidate for 2021 : Merlin Peck

Bristol Candidate for 2020 : Shirley Green

Candidate for 2021 : Ken Bernard

Bryson Candidate for 2020 & 2021: Le Club de L’Âge d’Or de Bryson
Campbell’s Bay Candidate for 2020 : Cletus Ferrigan

Candidate for 2021 : Raymond Shea

Clarendon Candidate for 2020 : Elwyn Lang

Candidate for 2021 : James Howard

Fort-Coulonge Candidate for 2020 & 2021: Pierre Bourassa
Île-du-Grand-Calumet Candidate for 2020 & 2021: Groupe L’île-du-grand-calumet
Otter Lake Candidate for 2020 & 2021: Lee Vadneau
Isle-aux-Allumettes Candidate for 2020 : Ivan Schryer

Candidate for 2021 : Bob Ferrigan

Litchfield Candidate for 2020 : Todd ‘TJ’ Vibert

Candidate for 2021 : TransporAction Pontiac

Mansfield-et-Pontefract Candidate for 2020 : Coopérative de Solidarité Aventure Héliante

Candidate for 2021 :  Louis Harvey, Phare Ouest

Portage du Fort Candidate for 2020 : Robert Tovee

Candidate for 2021 :  France Carpentier

Rapides des Joachims Candidate for 2020 : Doris Larochelle

Candidate for 2021 :  Comité Life Down Town

Shawville Candidate for 2020 : Palliative Care Volunteers

Candidate for 2021 :  Denzil Yach

Sheenboro Candidate for 2020 : Joann McCann

Candidate for 2021 :  Cindy Wheeler

Waltham Candidate for 2020 & 2021: Waltham Helping Hands

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