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Once again this year, the Ministère de l’Énergie et des Ressources naturelles will offer the population the opportunity to participate in a draw for the allocation of vacation lots located on Crown land, in collaboration with the delegated MRCs and the Société des établissements de plein air du Québec (SÉPAQ). The registration period for the draw will run from September 18 to October 24, 2021.

For more detailed information on the available lots, visit the website quéégiature starting on September 19, 2021.

To enter the draw

You can enter:

You must complete an official entry form and pay a non-refundable registration fee of $32.19
($28 plus GST and QST).

  • You must be 18 or older on September 19, 2021;
  • Only one entry per draw code is permitted;
  • All entries that contain false information will be rejected;
  • The registration and draw process is administered by Sépaq, and the land is allocated by the MERN or by the MRCs.


In addition to the entry fee for the random draw, participants who are allocated a lot for lease must pay the following:

  • a processing fee of $133.37 ($116 plus GST and QST);
  • an administration fee of $405.86 ($353 plus GST and QST);
  • a land development fee of $940.50 ($818 plus GST and QST), in certain cases;
  • development fees, in certain cases;
  • the first year’s rent.

Random Draw

The draw will be conducted electronically under the supervision of an external auditor and in the presence of witnesses. Individual draw results will be communicated to the participants by email within 48 hours of the draw.

Allotment of Lots

The MERN or the MRCs conduct allotment by invitation, in the order of the draw results. The number of participants likely to receive land is determined by the number of available lots. A letter or email invitation will be sent to the selected participants informing them of the location and date of the allotment. Attendance of participants is required for the allotment of lots.

In accordance with the applicable regulations, no participant may be granted a lease or sale for more than one of the vacation lots offered in a random draw, in one or more administrative regions.

Transfer of Vacation Lot Lease

The lessee of a vacation lot allotment by random draw may not transfer any rights under the lease for five years following the date of the initial lease, unless one of the three following transfer conditions is met:

  • the lessee has constructed a building worth at least $10,000 on the leased lot;
  • the building on the leased lot has been sold by court order to recover taxes owed or following the exercise of a hypothecary right; or
  • the transfer is made to the lessee’s legal or de facto spouse, father, mother, brother, sister or child, or following the lessee’s death.

Rights of Use and Regulations

A lessee who is granted a vacation lot lease may use the lot for vacation purposes only, for the duration of the lease period. This right differs from other public land use rights: it in no way exempts the lessee from complying with the hunting, fishing, and trapping regulations in force.

The lessee must comply with the terms and conditions of the lease and pay the annuel rent, as well as municipal and school taxes. The lessee or the buyer must also comply with all municipal by-laws and provincial and federal laws and regulations, notably with regard to wildlife and the environment, as well as all the land development standards of the local municipality or regional county municipality.

Available Lots in the MRC Pontiac

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*The lots are offered on renewable annual leases. 
*The MERN recommends that participants visit the lots that interest them before entering the draw. Please exercise caution when visiting lots during hunting season.
*The MERN reserves the right to remove any lot from the random draw up to the time of the allotment. 

For more information, visit the website quéégiature or contact the MERN regional office or contact Joanne Dumouchel (Administrative Technician  for Vacation Lot Leases) at 819-648-5689 ext. 217. 


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