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Litchfield, Québec, February 12, 2022 – Following a collaborative process carried out in 2021, the “MRC Pontiac” brand was developed in collaboration with Visages régionaux, a firm specialized in territorial marketing and community development. Created “For us, By us” this brand is used for territorial attractiveness purposes. 


At a festive event with the people who lent their faces and voices to the campaign, the MRC Pontiac unveiled its new positioning, visual identity and attractiveness website.

This unifying and distinctive territorial brand positions the Pontiac as a region of 14,000 km2 supported by 14,000 citizens. So many reasons to visit, to love, to choose, to live, to undertake and to believe: “The Pontiac. 14,000 reasons”

The new visual identity is now unveiled on social networks and the website is online at


On the one hand, the MRC hopes that this brand will become a source of pride, cohesion and a sense of belonging for current residents. The campaign deployed over the next year allows the Pontiac to affirm its originality and to highlight a culturally diverse and involved community, as well as the uniqueness of the territory.

On the other hand, the campaign aims to attract new residents who will come to settle, work and undertake. Our goal is to make the Pontiac shine as a place to live, where it is good to put down roots and grow. 

A collective approach

More than 250 people were involved, from near and far, in the territorial process. Following this consultative process, we identified the distinctive elements and identity of the Pontiac, with the objective of positioning it as a region of choice in terms of migration. 

What’s next

Over the next year, the “Pontiac. 14,000 reasons” campaign will be deployed on several communication tools, including the Web and social networks. The Pontiac is also participating in a podcast on the regions, a co-production of Visages régionaux and Radio-Canada, available on the Ohdio! platform in the spring of 2022. Pontiac residents will also be asked to contribute to the upcoming attractiveness campaign.

Follow the MRC Pontiac Facebook page to keep up to date on the next steps of this regional process. #Pontiac14K

About the MRC Pontiac

The MRC Pontiac is composed of 18 municipalities and 1 unorganized territory (TNO). It is involved in the planning, development and management of its territory and its various interventions contribute to its dynamic and coherent occupation.


“I am delighted that we are finally able to reveal our new branding for our region and cannot be more proud of the Pontiac at this moment. As we move towards revitalization, it is so important for us to have a unified image and approach for our 18 municipalities. We are truly one big family here in the MRC Pontiac and I look forward to the positive results that this campaign will bring.” 

Jane Toller, Warden of the MRC Pontiac

“The last several years have brought a shift in lifestyles with more and more people escaping city life and embracing the values inherent in rural living. By positioning the Pontiac as a place of choice we hope to attract new residents and new workers, and really shine a light on what makes the Pontiac such a wonderful place to live, to work and to grow.”

Cyndy Phillips, Director of Economic Development for the MRC Pontiac

“It’s a real pleasure for our entire team to collaborate with a dynamic territory that has the wind in its sails and believes in its potential. It is with great pride that we unveil today the fruit of almost two years of work.”

Marie-Eve Arbour, president and founder of Visages régionaux

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Source :

Ms. Colleen Jones
Strategic Communications Advisor
MRC de Pontiac

Information :

Ms. Cyndy Phillips
Director of Economic Development
MRC Pontiac

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