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Campbell’s Bay, November 16, 2021 – The MRC Pontiac is launching a survey of businesses in the region, which will run from November 16 to December 15. The MRC’s economic development services department wants to better understand the reality of businesses and entrepreneurs in order to structure a new service that will be offered to them, Accès Entreprise Québec. The responses will also be used to define the Pontiac Signature Innovation, which will focus on strengthening the region’s entrepreneurial community.

The survey can be accessed through the following links:
French version:
English version:

PRIZE!!! A prize pack of radio advertising with 101.9 CHIP FM, valued at $1000, will be drawn from those who complete the survey.  Responses are confidential and will not be shared outside of planning.

It includes questions to better understand the context of the business, the entrepreneur and his or her experience, their short- and medium-term projects, as well as their needs and constraints related to these projects and human resources. It also allows us to understand the entrepreneurs’ perception of the current efforts related to the attractiveness of the region.

Here is a brief overview of each program:

Accès entreprise Québec (AEQ), coordinated by the Ministère de l’Économie et de l’Innovation, is a support service offered by the MRCs to entrepreneurs in the regions of Quebec. It aims to accelerate local economic development and to ensure that businesses have access to support as well as high-quality growth and investment capital that is comparable from one region to another and respects regional specificities.

Signature Innovation is Component 3 of the Fonds régions et ruralité (FRR), in effect since April 1, 2020. It aims to encourage MRCs to identify a niche and implement a major project in this regard. This component aims to put in place “a concrete and innovative project, or a set of projects with a common thread to enable the MRC to develop or acquire a strong territorial identity based on its development vision” (Source: MAMH)

For more information, please contact Cyndy Phillips, Director of Economic Development Services, at 819-648-5689, ext. 134, or by e-mail at


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