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Dear residents of the Pontiac,

I was informed earlier today of some flooding on Black River Road in Waltham and on Chemin Des Outaouais on Calumet Island. I am asking the public to please keep an eye on water levels over the weekend and to please avoid all traffic in these areas for the time being.

Last week we held our most recent Flood Prevention Task Force meeting with members of the MRC Pontiac, local municipalities, the Ottawa River Regulation Planning Board, Public Safety, Hydro Quebec, Ontario Power Generation and local citizens. It was advised that due to the recent rains and the fact that there is still snow melting further north, we will experience higher levels as a result. The Ottawa River Regulation Planning Board has informed us that this rise in levels is normal but that citizens should remain cautious and avoid the affected areas until the levels drop. We have also been informed that the reservoirs are in a good position to receive the spring freshet waters in the coming weeks.

If anyone else is aware of flooding elsewhere in the Pontiac over the weekend or is concerned about water levels, I ask that you contact me directly at 819-647-8198. You could also be in touch with Julien Gagnon, Fire and Public Safety Coordinator for the MRC Pontiac, at 819-639-0645.

Thank you very much, and be safe. Have a great weekend!

-Jane Toller

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