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The mission of Municipal Fire Safety Services is to ensure the protection of the population of the MRC Pontiac by reducing risks and minimizing human and material losses caused by fires and other disasters. The MRC Pontiac Fire Prevention Department also contributes to reducing the risk of fire by administering our fire prevention by-law, by conducting inspections of buildings at higher risk of fire and by implementing a public education and awareness program. Our mission, vision and values contribute to providing a first-class fire safety service in the best interests of the citizens of the MRC Pontiac.



  • Domestic fireworks are permitted on the territory of the MRC Pontiac, as long as the following requirements are met:
  • Obtain an authorization from the Municipality;
  • Do not consume alcohol or smoke during the use of fireworks;
  • Ideally, choose a space of at least 30 m x 30 m, far from buildings, cars, trees, electrical or telephone cables and combustible products;
  • Keep spectators at least 20 meters away from the ignition site;
  • Have a compatible extinguishing source nearby.
  • When a ban on open fires is issued by the Municipality or by SOPFEU, no ignition will be authorized.
  • For large (commercial) fireworks displays, a permit issued by the MRC Pontiac is required. Please consult the following page for more information.
  • By-law 271-2021 concerning fire prevention


Fires in approved fireplaces, as shown below, are permitted at all times, except when the municipality issues a ban on burning in these fireplaces. A permit is required in some municipalities, so be sure to check the Fire Prevention By-law for a list of municipalities.

In order to comply, your outdoor fireplace must meet the following requirements: it must have a spark arrester cover or screen with less than a 1 cm opening and meet the following specifications:

The following examples of fireplaces, like the open fires, do not have chimney caps, spark arrester cover or screen. Therefore, they do not qualify as fireplaces.

Fireplaces fueled by natural gas, propane, electricity or any other liquid specifically designed and approved for use with the appliance are also permitted. However, they must be placed firmly on the floor, certified by a recognized organization, installed according to the manufacturer’s instructions and be at least one meter away from any combustible material.

Between November 15 and April 1, open fires are permitted under certain conditions. Please check with your municipality to see if a burning permit is required. However, there is a complete ban on fires when the flammability index is at “Extreme”. The burning permit will be refused during these periods. Here is the current SOPFEU flammability index:

Les conditions suivantes doivent également être respectées :

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