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It was during the 1990s that the Pontiac cultural community began to mobilize in order to acquire the resources and coordination it needed to ensure its vitality and growth. Four public consultations were held from April to May 2004 to gather the opinions and desires of the population regarding the cultural future of the Pontiac. 

These consultations were the source of inspiration for the draft Pontiac Cultural Policy, presented to the public on September 18, 2004. The Pontiac Cultural Policy was unanimously adopted by the Council of Mayors on September 27, 2004.

Since then, we have experienced many growths in our Pontiac cultural life. With the development of cultural networks, activities and events that reach out to target audiences, we are well positioned to increase our impressive creative and cultural levels over the next 3 years. 

With the help of funding from the new Cultural Development Agreement, as part of the Partnership Initiatives Program, an investment of $91,350.00 over three years from the Minister of Culture and Communication, in addition to the MRC Pontiac’s investment of $61,900.00 over three years, we expect to see great things in the years 2021-2022-2023.


Partnership Initiatives Support Program

Quebec’s cultural policy, Partout, la culture, proposes to revitalize the relationship between culture and the territory by supporting the cultural initiatives of municipalities and regional county municipalities (RCMs). This orientation takes into account the diversity of the regions and advocates equity in interventions. In addition, the Government of Quebec aims to strengthen the cooperative, flexible and sustainable partnership – with all municipalities and RCMs – for the implementation of national cultural objectives.

The Aid to Partnership Initiatives program is part of this logic. It seeks to ensure the presence of culture in all regions and the daily lives of citizens by acting on cultural vitality. To this end, financial support is provided for agreements concluded with municipalities and RCMs throughout Quebec. This approach should have the following effects:

  • Increase citizen participation in the cultural development of communities;
  • Strengthen the local identity and sense of belonging of communities;
  • Strengthen economic, social and democratic vitality.

The partnerships established through this program are based on a common understanding of territorial issues and challenges. They take into account the diversity of citizens’ needs and allow for modulation of approaches from one territory to another according to local and regional priorities. The agreements are concluded with respect to the mission of each party. The parties agree on the objectives to be achieved and agree on the sharing of responsibilities and their respective contributions.


The objectives of the program, in all administrative regions of Quebec, are to:

  1. Promote a participatory and committed cultural life;
  2. Enhance the identity elements of the territory;
  3. Position culture as a driver of sustainable economic, social and territorial development.

The Program allows for the conclusion of cultural development agreements. These agreements can be for the purpose of carrying out actions directly related to culture and communications as well as actions to which culture and communications bring added value.


The Cultural Development Agreement

The cultural policy of the MRC Pontiac focuses on our vast diversity, our natural and extensive territory, our unique history that belongs exclusively to us and our indispensable resources in our partners, volunteers and our current infrastructures.

In order to support the development of culture as well as the overall development of the MRC Pontiac, we have determined three (3) basic principles that establish the foundations of our Pontiac cultural policy and vision:

  • Culture as a key factor of social cohesion and community mobilization;
  • Strengthening the sense of identity while respecting the diversity and cultural uniqueness of Pontiac;
  • Accessibility and participation of the greatest number of citizens to culture as a guarantee of an increased quality of life.

With the implementation of the cultural development agreement between the MCC and the MRC Pontiac, we have taken on the mission as Pontiac residents to promote our culture on the territory through these fundamental principles.


4 objectives have been prioritized in the 2021-2022-2023 Cultural Development Agreement, with sub-actions defined.

Develop and support initiatives that provide the citizens of the Pontiac MRC with greater opportunities for access to and participation in activities;

  • In accordance with the priorities identified by the Outaouais community, participate financially in a 2020-2023 regional sectoral agreement targeting several aspects of cultural development;
  • Promote the integration of cultural content in community events and activities;
  • Develop and support initiatives that provide the citizens of the Pontiac MRC with better opportunities to access and participate in cultural activities;
  • Encourage the development of annual cultural programming for the entire Pontiac within and outside the cultural infrastructure network. This programming will include local content as well as content from outside the MRC Pontiac;
  • Encourage the integration of cultural content into community events and activities.

Support initiatives that aim to increase knowledge of, promote and celebrate the history, heritage and culture of the MRC Pontiac;

  •  Support initiatives that aim to inform the citizens of the MRC Pontiac as well as its visitors and tourists about its history, heritage and culture through various events and activities such as conferences, commemorations, heritage tours and celebrations of anniversaries and historical re-enactments;
  • Support initiatives to protect, preserve and restore the heritage of the MRC Pontiac.

Recognize the important role played by the cultural sector in the overall development of the MRC Pontiac;

  • To support and recognize the efforts of Pontiac groups and individuals to promote and advance the arts and culture within and outside the MRC Pontiac.

Encourage the integration of cultural, heritage and historical elements specific to the MRC Pontiac into tourism products;

  •  Support initiatives that aim to increase the historical, heritage and cultural content of tourism products developed in the MRC Pontiac.

The Cultural Development Agreement allows the conclusion of contracts with partners for the realization of local cultural activities and programming. These contracts can be for the realization of actions directly related to culture and communications as well as actions of the cultural policy of the MRC Pontiac.

For more information on the fund, to make an appointment, or to request support, please contact:


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