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Excellence sportive Outaouais, in collaboration with the City of Gatineau, the MRC Pontiac, the MRC Vallée-de-la-Gatineau, the MRC Papineau and Loisir sport Outaouais are proud to present the Excellence sportive Outaouais Gala.

During the Excellence sportive Outaouais Gala, excellence and perseverance will be recognized by highlighting different sport categories, in addition to awarding improved bursaries to the winning athletes and coaches.

The Gala Excellence sportive Outaouais has the following objectives

  • To bring together the actors of the sport community in order to celebrate excellence.
  • Encourage and reward people from the region who work in the field of sports.
  • To recognize involvement and excellence in order to encourage the development of sports in the region.


On January 31, 2017, Excellence sportive Outaouais, previously known as the Conseil de développement du sport de Gatineau (CDSG) announced the redesign of the Gala Méritas and the Gala Loisir Sport Outaouais under a new formula.

Indeed, a group of partners (the City of Gatineau, the MRC of Papineau, the MRC of Pontiac, the MRC of Vallée-de-la-Gatineau, Loisir Sport Outaouais and the Gala Méritas) joined forces with Excellence sportive Outaouais in order to present a brand new gala to underline the excellence in sports in the Outaouais region. During this large-scale event, excellence will be recognized by highlighting different categories, in addition to awarding enhanced bursaries to the winning athletes and coaches.

The objective of this initiative was to create a mobilizing event, by promoting the concerted efforts of the partners involved, all in order to bring together people from the community and celebrate the excellence of their achievements.

“After 31 years of recognizing the achievements of Gatineau’s amateur athletes, I am convinced that this new regional Gala will meet the needs of our athletes. By joining forces and energies, we will continue to recognize the successes and achievements of our beautiful youth. We will continue to encourage them in the pursuit of their goals. Thank you for being great ambassadors of our region,” said Gilbert Jolin, President of the Gala Méritas.

“After 26 editions of the Loisir sport Outaouais Gala, our organization has developed an expertise that it will be able to share with the members of the organizing committee. We are happy and confident to pass the torch and I am convinced that this new unique regional Gala will meet the needs of the sport actors”, mentioned the president of Loisir sport Outaouais, Lise Waters.

“The CDSG is proud to take the leadership of this new project. This activity fits well with our mission to encourage and reward the actors who work in the field of sports and to offer the highest honorary distinction awarded in the sports community of the region,” concluded Mr. Daniel Leduc, president of the CDSG.

Since then, Excellence sportive Outaouais is the proud sponsor of this unifying event!

Founding Partners

Organization Committee


During this major event, we will highlight excellence and perseverance by awarding grants in the categories of Sports Achievement and Commitment and Leadership.

The mission of the Outaouais Sports Excellence Gala is to recognize the prowess and motivation of athletes, as well as the commitment of Outaouais volunteers, in addition to highlighting the contribution of sports initiatives that help our beautiful region shine.

Sporting Achievements

  • International Athlete 
    The athlete who has distinguished himself or herself the most in international competition.
    Depending on the sport, this athlete may be a member of the national team, have participated in the Olympic Games, Paralympic Games, Commonwealth Games, Pan American Games, Parapan American Games, Universiades or the international competition circuit.
  • National Athlete
    The most successful athlete at national and sometimes international level competitions (less than two international events per year).
    This athlete may, depending on the discipline, be a member of the provincial team, have participated in the Canada Games or the national competition circuit.
  • Perseverance Athlete
    The athlete who has distinguished himself/herself by his/her exceptional determination to maintain motivation in training in order to return to competition.
  • Team 
    The team that has distinguished itself the most during national, international, regional and/or provincial level competitions, as well as by its determination and perseverance to continue training.
    This team may, depending on its discipline, have participated in an organized circuit of a team sport.

Commitment and leadership

  • Volunteer of the Year
    The volunteer who has distinguished himself/herself the most by his/her involvement.
    This volunteer has particularly distinguished himself/herself by his/her involvement in sports development.
  • Coach 
    The coach who has distinguished himself/herself the most by the performance of the athletes he/she coaches and/or his/her perseverance in keeping the athletes in training.
    This coach is recognized for his or her competence in coaching athletes in his or her discipline at the national, international, provincial and/or regional levels.

Outreach and Regional Pride

  • Organization of the Year
    The sport organization that has distinguished itself the most by its impact and achievements.
    This organization is recognized for the quality of its social, community, sports and economic benefits.


The nomination period is from September 24 to October 24, 2021.

For information on how to apply, you can consult the Nomination Kit / Trousse de mise en candidature.

Sports achievements

Commitment and leadership

Outreach and regional pride


Athletic Achievements

  • International Athlete – $750
  • National Athlete – $750
  • Perseverance Athlete – $350
  • Team – $500

Regional Pride and Outreach

  • Organization – $500

Commitment and Leadership

  • Coach – $500

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