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The Warden for the MRC Pontiac, Ms. Jane Toller, issued the following statement:

Following last night’s meeting of the Council of Mayors, I wish to inform the public that the MRC Pontiac is putting an end to the 400,000 tonnes Energy from Waste project.

Last October, the MRC adopted its 2023-2030 Residual Materials Management Plan (PGMR), which includes seven orientations on which we must focus our energies to reduce the amount of waste we produce. That’s why, as an MRC, we must now put our efforts on implementing measures to reduce waste at source, notably by collecting recycling and composting.

We will also continue to work with the three MRCs and the City of Gatineau to find the best regional solution for the ultimate waste disposal that we will collectively still produce even if we implement all of our PGMR orientations.

The summary and complete versions of the PGMR can be consulted on our website, in the ‘’Waste Management” sub-section:

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