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Dear residents of the Pontiac,

I’d like to take advantage of an early spring to provide you with an update on the activities of the MRC Pontiac and the files I’m working on.

First, I’d like to highlight the arrival of Mr. Pierre Cadieux as Director of Economic Development. Mr. Cadieux began his career as a Member of Parliament’s assistant in the House of Commons and has since specialized in public affairs and industry-government relations. Mr. Cadieux will be able to count on a team of nine economic development commissioners and support staff who work hard every day to develop Pontiac’s economic potential and support local businesses in all spheres of economic activity. Welcome to the team, Pierre!

The Flood Prevention Task Force will be meeting soon to discuss the need for a better formula of water levels to address climate change and the unpredictable weather patterns to prevent flooding. For the time being, the low snowfall this winter suggests that the risk of flooding is low, but we remain in contact with those responsible for water level management to monitor developments. I would also like to remind you that, at the initiative of the MRC, the Flood Prevention Task Force was set up to enable concerted action by various key players working together to prevent spring flooding, and that it meets on an ad hoc basis as required.

Among other things, the Quebec government presented its budget on March 12. I’m pleased to see that the Outaouais region is specifically earmarked for forestry, which is good news for our MRC. Also, the government is prioritizing the Education and Health sectors, which we all hope will improve the quality of services to our population and our kids. I am concerned, however, about the unexpected size of the deficit, and the fact that there are no measures to tackle the wage gap between Quebec and Ontario for health professionals and teachers – all of whom deserve to be paid similar levels!

Finally, as you know, the MRC Pontiac is working to divert more waste from landfill and on increasing recycling and composting. We are also studying an Energy from Waste project and the MRC will hold 5 public meetings on this topic which will be announced this Wednesday.

As always, you can continue to look for updates on the MRC website and social media pages as well as on my Warden Jane Toller Facebook page. You can also reach me by phone at any time if you are in need of assistance in any way: 819-647-8198. Together Pontiac!

Jane Toller

Warden-MRC Pontiac

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