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Dear residents of the Pontiac,

First, I’d like to wish you a wonderful Canada Day! We are fortunate to have so many festivities organized by our communities, and I hope you will take advantage of them.

I’d like to draw your attention to two issues of great importance to our MRC: the province’s refusal to grant a bonus to medical imaging technologists at the Shawville hospital, and Hydro-Québec’s recurring power outages, particularly in the Pontiac-West sector.

The June 12 announcement by Quebec’s Minister of Health and Social Services that financial incentives for medical imaging technologists at the Hull and Gatineau hospitals would also be offered to the Maniwaki and Papineau hospitals, but not to Shawville or Wakefield, came as a real surprise and disappointment to the MRC. During meetings with the Minister in May, he had assured me that the solution would be regional and that all technologists would be entitled to it.

Our communities quickly mobilized, and a press conference was organized by our provincial MNA André Fortin, which I attended along with other Pontiac mayors. The refusal to grant this bonus to our technologists in Shawville has far-reaching consequences: our hospital must now compete with hospitals in Gatineau, Ottawa and Pembroke. And unfortunately, we have been informed that medical imaging technologists have already applied for positions at these hospitals.

I want to assure you that I will keep up the pressure on the provincial Health Department and the Québec Treasury Board to ensure that our technologists get the recognition they deserve and access to the bonuses offered at other Outaouais hospitals.

Also, at the end of June, several of our municipalities suffered repeated power outages, particularly in the Pontiac-Ouest sector, i.e. Sheenboro, Chichester, Waltham, L’Isle- aux-Allumettes and part of Mansfield-et-Pontefract. I want you to know that this situation is unacceptable, and that I have personally conveyed the frustration and disappointment of the population to senior Hydro-Québec executives. The mayors of the municipalities affected by the blackouts and the MRC will be meeting with Hydro-Québec on the week of July 8th to request that the electricity needs of our residents be met and that the electricity transmission infrastructure be upgraded to avoid these lengthy blackouts.

In closing, please note that there is no Mayors’ Council in July, so our next meeting will be on Wednesday, August 21. As always, you can continue to check for updates on the MRC website and Facebook page, as well as on the Warden Jane Toller Facebook page. You can also reach me by phone at any time if you need help in any way: 819-647-8198. Together, Pontiac!

Looking forward to seeing you this summer,

Jane Toller

Warden of the MRC Pontiac

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