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Fire Prevention Week runs from October 3 to 9 with the theme “Fire prevention is your responsibility!”. Knowing that 13 homes a day are damaged by fire and that half of them are related to distraction or human error, the importance for everyone to adopt safe behaviors takes on its full meaning.

This is why the ministère de la Sécurité publique, in partnership with the fire safety services, would like to remind us of valuable advice to anchor these good practices in our habits.

Since the smoke alarm is the only way to be notified in time in case of fire, it is important to check its proper operation at least twice a year, at the time of the time change. There should be one on each floor, including the basement.

And don’t wait for a tragedy to occur before preparing a family escape plan. For each room, two accessible exits should be identified, such as a door and a window. The hallways leading to the designated exits should always be kept clear and the assembly point outside should be known to all family members.

For more information, watch these videos on smoke alarms, escape plans, wood burning systems, smoking materials and cooking fires.

Visit the Quéévention-incendies website to learn more about prevention methods and contact your municipality to find out about activities organized by your local fire department.

Have a great week!

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