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QUEBEC CITY, Dec. 22, 2021 /CNW Telbec/ – Quebec Premier François Legault, accompanied by Health and Social Services Minister Christian Dubé, has confirmed that private gatherings will be allowed to accommodate a maximum of 10 people up to and including December 25.

However, it is important to remember that those who decide to take part will have to be very careful. In the current context, any gathering, even with a limited number of guests, represents a risk of transmission of the virus.

  • It is still strongly recommended that people be adequately vaccinated to take part in these gatherings.
  • If they develop symptoms similar to COVID-19, they should not attend gatherings.

As of December 26

The dramatic increase in cases over the past week is of great concern, and the latest projections suggest that this substantial increase will continue.

Therefore, starting Sunday, December 26, gatherings in private homes, tourist accommodation units and rented rooms will be allowed to include a maximum of six people (or the occupants of two residences).

This measure will also apply to restaurants. Tables will be able to accommodate a maximum of six people, or the occupants of two residences.

It should be noted that several other measures have come into effect in recent days. Moreover, considering the vulnerability of people in living environments for seniors and specific clienteles, the measures will be tightened even more. Details will be communicated shortly.

Public Health will be closely monitoring the expected effects of all the measures on the evolution of the situation. If the strong upward trend continues, further measures may be announced to curb the spread.


“As a people, we find ourselves in a trying situation. But we have a strength in Quebec and that is our national cohesion, our solidarity. We all need to put ourselves in emergency mode and contribute to what is truly a war effort. In the coming weeks, we will need to draw on our reserves of courage. And to take care of each other. I’m counting on you.”

François Legault, Premier of Quebec

“The current situation is critical. We are very concerned about the upcoming effects on the health care system, which is already under pressure. The Omicron variant is spreading at a lightning speed. Vaccination and contact reduction over the next few weeks are our best weapons to deal with it. This is why we are counting on the solidarity of Quebecers.

Christian Dubé, Minister of Health and Social Services


  • Remember that a person who does not have rapid tests at home and who presents symptoms similar to those of COVID-19 must make an appointment at a screening center.
  • Also, in the event of close contact with someone who has COVID-19, a person should isolate himself or herself and watch for symptoms before attending a testing clinic.
  • The health and social services network is currently seeking candidates for vaccination activities, specifically for vaccine administration and admixture as well as screening and investigation. To contribute to the efforts: IContribute – Registration (
  • Remember that the administration of the booster dose will be accelerated in the coming weeks. Depending on vaccine availability, individuals will be offered either the Pfizer or Moderna vaccine, both of which are messenger RNA (mRNA) vaccines. As such, they are similar in function and composition. mRNA vaccines are considered interchangeable. Receiving a different vaccine than those given in the first or second dose is safe.

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