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The MRC Pontiac is pleased to announce the 19 projects that have received financial support totalling $2,032,000 under stream 4 of the Region and Rurality Fund (FRR), for the axis Revitalization support. These projects were approved by the Council of Mayors at its meeting on October 18, 2023.

I’d like to thank the Québec government for its support of $5 million through the Fonds régions et ruralité,” says Jane Toller, Warden for the MRC Pontiac. “This allows us today to announce several projects that will contribute to the revitalization of our MRC. I congratulate the recipient non-profit organizations, municipalities, and businesses, and I’m delighted to see that these projects will improve the quality of life of our residents in several localities. Finally, a big thank you to the selection committee for their work on this call for projects.”

Through the Entente de vitalisation, 19 projects will see the light of day thanks to the financial participation of our government. These projects will benefit the entire MRC Pontiac. The community will benefit from a more dynamic environment and improved services,” says Andrée Laforest, Minister of Municipal Affairs.

Thanks to a contribution of $100,000, the Groupe d’Entraide et de Solidarité Sociale pour Hommes du Pontiac (AutonHomme Pontiac) will be purchasing the land at 116 Front Street in Campbell’s Bay to enhance the organization’s outreach services. The funds will also be used to renovate and furnish an apartment for temporary or emergency housing for fathers with children.

Bouffe Pontiac will benefit from a contribution of $20,734 to carry out urgent repairs required to their floors, they will also be removing carpet from its premises, and installing commercial tile, which is better suited to the organization’s activities.

The Anglican Parish of West Quebec in Shawville will receive $64,079.10 to purchase and install commercial-grade kitchen equipment, upgrade the electrical system, and refresh the floors with an epoxy finish. The organization will be installing wheelchair-accessible doors.

Brauwerk Hoffman Brewery in Campbell’s Bay will be able to develop and expand their event season thanks to $58,115.95 in financial support. This sum will also be used to install a sound system for these events.

The Pontiac Hotel in Fort-William, Sheenboro, will be able to welcome visitors during the winter season once the insulation work on the water supply pipes has been completed. To this end, the company will receive a contribution of $60,750.

The first cheese factory in the Pontiac, Fromagerie La Drave, will acquire specialised production equipment, thanks to a contribution of $100,000. This cheese factory will be located on Route 148, in the municipality of Litchfield.

Century 21 Elite, with a contribution of $40,937.50, will convert an empty building in Fort-Coulonge into a public shared business center, based on a flexible workspace model and equipped with state-of-the-art technology for videoconferencing and those working remotely from the office.

The AgriSaveur Pontiac project, piloted by the Pontiac MRC, has earmarked $450,000 for the acquisition of equipment required for agri-food processing. AgriSaveur Pontiac will be an agri-food processing hub offering farmers and processors state-of-the-art processing equipment and space, as well as technical and entrepreneurial support.

The Municipality of Alleyn-and-Cawood will be able to count on $100,000 in financial support to develop Mount O’Brien Park, this includes the installation of trail and campground signage, wildlife-proof waste management equipment and environmentally friendly outhouses.

As for the Municipality of Clarendon, it will be able to convert a bush lot it owns into a recreational green space for its residents, thanks to financial support of $93,230.37. This will involve surveying and clearing brush.

The Coopérative de solidarité du Centre de loisirs des Draveurs, in Fort-Coulonge, will receive $250,000 in funding to carry out major repairs to its equipment and ensure the sustainability of its activities. To this end, the air condenser and cooling system will be replaced, as will the piping to prevent future leaks.

The Municipality of Otter Lake‘s Pontiac Nord EcoRecharge project will receive a contribution of $100,000 to integrate charging stations into Hydro-Québec’s Circuit électrique. To this end, site development work will be carried out and a local electrician will be trained during the installation of the charging station to ensure future maintenance.

The Village of Fort-Coulonge will move ahead with its Escale sur la rivière project, which involves developing municipal land that became vacant following the floods of 2019. An open-air relaxation area with public access to the Ottawa River will be created, along with a parking lot for recreational vehicles for up to 48 hours and a wastewater disposal system for this type of vehicle. To this end, Fort-Coulonge will receive a contribution of $100,000.

Litchfield‘s tourism infrastructure will be enhanced thanks to a $100,000 contribution that will enable the municipality to increase its visibility at the entrances to its territory, with new welcome signs and the installation of accessible public infrastructures, including toilets and garbage cans. There are also plans to extend and modernize the existing docks and create a riverside pathway.

Phase 2 of the Municipality of Île-du-Grand-Calumet‘s Faire revivre notre Île project will receive financial support of $70,960.10 to create a multifunctional gathering place for the community. This includes improvements to the outdoor skating rink, along with the purchase and installation of new boards and equipment to facilitate ice maintenance.

The Municipality of Portage-du-Fort will be able to create a multi-purpose community center by converting an unused building into a space where organizations can offer activities. Thanks to a contribution of $100,000, work will be carried out on the building’s exterior siding, roof, and windows to make it both inviting and safe.

The Municipality of Rapides-des-Joachims will receive $38,676.11 for its boat dock project. By installing a new docking system, fishermen and boaters will have access to larger, safer mooring spaces when visiting the community.

The Municipality of Shawville will benefit from $88,902 in financial support to carry out a feasibility study on the future of its arena, including an assessment of the building’s current state and development potential for the coming years. Public consultations will be held for this purpose.

Finally, the Municipality of Thorne will commense with major renovations to its community center, thanks to financial support of $87,345, which will make it possible to repair the roof and replace doors and windows.

About the Fonds régions et ruralité
The MRC Pontiac is implementing the Entente de vitalisation signed with the Ministère des Affaires municipales et de l’Habitation on November 15, 2021 as part of the Fonds régions et ruralité. This agreement encourages the mobilization of elected officials and municipal administrations to give their territory a new lease on life. The main objective of the vitalization agreement is to help anchor actions for the future of the region and imagine the desirable future of the Pontiac MRC.

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