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Litchfield, QC – November 23, 2023

At the regular meeting of the MRC Pontiac Council of Mayors, held on November 22, the Council adopted a balanced budget of $9.8 million for 2024.

With this budget, the MRC has given itself the means to pursue its mission of revitalizing and developing the region’s economy, while focusing on its core responsibilities, such as property assessment, public safety and land use planning. Also on the environmental front, the MRC is giving itself the capacity to meet provincial requirements for the recovery of residual materials by introducing recycling and compost collection in interested municipalities.

Highlights of the 2024 budget include:  

Total MRC Pontiac expenditures: $9.8 million 

Grants and revenues from services: $5.5 million  

Expenditure by department :

  • Administration: $1,970,209 
  • Public Safety and Engineering: $459,187 
  • Assessment: $1,282,423 
  • Land Use Planning and Development: $1,827,227
  • Economic Development Projects and Activities: $3,523,363
  • Transportation: $634,500
  • Renovation programs: $31,500 
  • Financing costs and capital expenditures: $110,319
  • Warden election costs by universal vote (pro-rated over four years): $20,000

The municipal share decreases from $0.1329 to $0.1047 per $100 of standardized property value.  

Budget 2024 Presentation


Media contact:

Francis Beausoleil

Strategic Communication Advisor

MRC Pontiac


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