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Montréal, March 9, 2022 – As spring runoff approaches Hydro-Québec makes its experts and data available to the public

Hydro-Québec will hold virtual public meetings from March 14 to 23 to take questions from citizens in several Québec regions on the spring thaw and water levels. These webinars (in French only) will give participants an opportunity to learn more about spring runoff management and the actions taken by our teams to limit the impacts of high water levels on their communities.

The webinars will focus on the Rivière des Outaouais, Rivière Gatineau, Fleuve Saint-Laurent (St. Lawrence River), Rivière Saint-Maurice and its tributaries, as well as Rivière Saint-François. Interested parties can sign up hereThis link will open a new window. (in French only).

“This year, in addition to the webinars offered to the public, Hydro-Québec is also making its hydrographic data available in real time for the first time, so that all interested parties can follow how the situation is developing,” said Julie Boucher, Vice-President – Sustainable Development, Community Relations and Communications at Hydro-Québec.

Hydro-Québec has put all of the data from its measuring instruments on its website in order to make it available to the general public. This data can now be accessed in real time by using this simple toolThis link will open a new window..

“We know that this time of year raises a lot of questions for communities along the river. We want to provide residents with the tools they need to improve their safety,” concluded Ms. Boucher.


For more information on Hydro-Québec’s webinars: link will open a new window. (in French only)

To consult Hydro-Québec’s open data regarding water levels: link will open a new window.

For more information on Hydro-Québec’s management of spring runoff: link will open a new window. 


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