The health crisis has led to the implementation of instructions and measures in businesses. Since December 20, 2021, activities in the following venues are suspended:

  • arcades, and with respect to their indoor activities, biodomes, planetariums, insectariums, botanical gardens, aquariums, zoos, thematic sites, amusement centres and parks, recreation centres, and water parks;
  • bars and discotheques;
  • casinos and gambling houses;
  • cinemas and performing arts centres, including arts and cultural venues;
  • microbreweries and distilleries, solely with respect to their on-site beverage services;
  • restaurant dining rooms, but only from 10 p.m. to 5 a.m. the following day;
  • food counters and dining areas situated on any site where recreational or sports activities take place;
  • physical training rooms;
  • saunas and spas, except for the personal care services that they provide;
  • any indoor site, other than a private residence or the equivalent, when it is used for bowling or to play darts or billiards, or other similar games.

Furthermore, no one can visit a rented room or a community hall, except:

  • in the context of a trade show that assembles several exhibitors or retail trade businesses by limiting visitor traffic to one visitor per 20 m2 of floor area accessible to visitors, except for an adult visitor accompanied by minor children or any other person who requires or to whom he offers assistance;
  • for the purposes of an organized activity necessary to pursue activities other than event-related or social activities that are part of the operation of a business or of an educational institution, a court, an arbitrator, an association of wage earners, professionals, managers, non-managers, or employers, a consular position, a diplomatic mission, a government department or public body, in which case the capacity of the room is set at 50% of its usual capacity, without exceeding a maximum of 250 people;
  • for the purposes of an activity that is part of the mission of a community organization whose activities are related to the health or social services sector;
  • for a production, audiovisual shooting, or the recording of a show;
  • for a recreational or sports activity that has not been suspended;
  • for the purposes of a wedding reception or a funeral, in which case a maximum of 25 people may be present there;
  • for the purposes of holding there a social activity that is not otherwise covered by this paragraph, in which case a maximum of 10 people or the occupants of a maximum of three private residences or the equivalent may be present there.