Business Support Policy (PSE)

The goal of the Business Support Policy (PSE) is to support business start-ups, expansion, transfer/succession, consolidation/restructuring and business attraction projects.  To be eligible, these projects must meet at least one of the development priorities established by the mayors’ council, as well as the selection criteria.  Consult the policy for information on eligible projects and expenses.

Intervention Priorities

Consult the development axes:

Project selection criteria

  • The project must be pertinent and realistic;
  • The entrepreneur must own at least 25% of the business shares;
  • The entrepreneur must prove that he has obtained all the necessary financing;
  • The project must not create direct competition with Pontiac businesses;
  • The entrepreneur must not have defaulted on paying government debts and must be free of any bankruptcy judgment;
  • If the entrepreneur has already received funding from the PSE, the first project must be completed according to program standards;
  • The project must demonstrate economic benefits and/or job creation;
  • The business support project must contribute to the sustainability and long-term viability of the company.

Availability of credits

The MRC Pontiac decides of awarding grants based on available credits.


Application Process

The promoter must make an appointment with an AEQ business advisor at the MRC, who will follow up on the application.

Incomplete applications will not be analyzed.

Contact Renée Lance, Business Financial Analyst:



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