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Pontiac MRC is located in the western part of Quebec’s Outaouais area. Its vast territory includes 18 municipalities spread over 4,178 km2 and an unorganized territory of 8,646 km2.



Only the municipalities have a permanent population (fewer than 14,500 residents), concentrated mainly from east to west along the Ottawa River.

Like several Quebec regions, Pontiac experienced a demographic drop in the late 1990s, but the population has been stable since 2001. 



For more than one hundred fifty years, the Pontiac economy depended mainly on forest products. The recent forestry crisis, which reached its height in 2008, was the stimulant for economic diversification.

In 2009, the MRC Pontiac undertook a strategic process to determine socio-economic development niches. This process took place in the context of Pontiac region’s economic diversification in value-added processing of natural resources, the agri-food sectors and the tourism industry. The 10-year strategic plan Vision Pontiac 2020 is the result of this process.



Colonized by the English, Irish, Scots, Germans, Poles and French, Pontiac is a true cultural mosaic. Fifty-seven percent of Pontiac residents are Anglophones, and 41% are Francophones. There are more than 10 religions represented, including Catholics (70%) and Protestants (25%).



Pontiac has a very attractive architectural and natural heritage. Growing numbers of vacationers from all over the world visit the area and have wonderful memories of those visits. Our rivers (including the imposing Ottawa), 4,000 lakes, varied and abundant wildlife and a built heritage as diverse as our culture together form a lively, colourful and unforgettable portrait of our area.


Pontiac at a glance

Total area: 12,824 km2
Municipal territory: 4,178 km2
Population  14,345
Workers (age 20-54) 4,632
Average Employment Income of workers (25-64 years) 36,070
Municipalities:  18
Average Property Value of Single- Family Homes 114,148
Industrial zones: 2254 Ha
Farms: 278
Businesses and services: 820
International airport: Ottawa ON
Administrative region: Outaouais


Distances (from Campbell's Bay)

Ottawa airport 110 km
Gatineau 90 km
Montreal 285 km
Toronto 440 km
Quebec City 540 km
New York 780 km
North Bay 230 km